Ceramic Guard SiCarbon+

Ceramic Guard is a new breakthrough in the field of silicon-based nano coatings. With this revolutionary product it is now possible to apply a very smooth, high-gloss and durable protective coating to the car paint in one step. Ceramic Guard strengthens and increases the hardness of the lacquer, which greatly improves scratch resistance and fragility. The paint is given a visibly deeper color and shine combined with the 'easy to clean' effect and a strong water-repellent layer.

Breakthrough in technology

The breakthrough starts at the molecular level. Where many coatings use silicon oxide (SiO2), the oxide (oxygen) at Ceramic Guard has been replaced by carbon (carbon.) This SiCarbon+ molecule resulted in a better layer density.

At SiO2, 30% of the layer thickness disappears during the curing process, while SiCarbon+ has a maximum loss of only 5%. The carbon bonds itself between the silicon, so that Ceramic Guard ultimately maintains a higher density. This results in better scratch resistance, flexibility and permanent adhesion of the nano molecules to the paint that can only be removed by polishing.

Thanks to years of knowledge in the field of protection, Cartec has succeeded in adding the latest polymer techniques to the SiCarbon+ coating. This creates a drop contact angle of 110 ° with an extremely smooth surface after application.

* Drop formation on lacquer without Ceramic Guard SiCarbon+ Coating
* Drop formation on lacquer with Ceramic Guard SiCarbon+ Coating


Protection that is permanent

Ceramic Guard: a unique product based on the SiCarbon + molecule. A revolutionary coating with very good protection and a strong water and dirt repellent effect on the car paint. This makes washing very easy. Insects disappear like snow in the sun and the paint is optimally protected against street dirt, salt, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals (ph2 to ph13) and everything that threatens exterior paint. In addition, Ceramic Guard gives an extremely high and visibly deeper gloss and color depth to the paint.

Although one layer is more than sufficient, Ceramic Guard can be applied in several layers. As a result, the layer thickness will increase, as a result of which the hardness of the lacquer and the color depth will be additionally strengthened with each layer.


Ceramic Guard is applied by experience experts. Specialists who know how to apply the coating. They also know what the paint needs before the coating is applied. A good pre-treatment of the car paint is indispensable and has a great influence on the final result.

Warranty and Ceramic Guard 4life

Ceramic Guard gives a standard warranty of 3 years on the treated paintwork. The guarantee applies if the coating has been applied by a Ceramic Guard specialist according to the correct application conditions and method.

With Ceramic Guard 4life it is possible to extend the warranty period. An annual inspection and maintenance treatment of the Ceramic Guard ensures the continuation of the warranty period. The guarantee extends one year per inspection and maintenance treatment. This treatment is carried out by the Ceramic Guard specialist.

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