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Brunel Solar Team selected Cartec


The Brunel Solar Team, formed of talented students from Delft University of Technology, is preparing for the 2023 World Solar Challenge. The team approached Cartec to put the finishing touches on their solar car, the NUNA 12. Read more about the collaboration in this Insight.

The Brunel Solar Team

The Brunel Solar Team, consisting of 18 students from TU Delft, is known for its dedication to advancing sustainable mobility. This year, the students and NUNA 12 will travel to Australia, for the World Solar Challenge 2023. And the team goal is very clear: create awareness about the power of sustainable energy through innovation.

‘Creating awareness about the power of sustainable energy through innovation.’

TU Delft students

This project highlights the impressive creativity, passion and level of dedication of TU Delft (Technical University of Delft, in the Netherlands) students. They are working together full-time on the NUNA 12, experimenting with advanced technologies and making their way in the world of sustainable mobility. The Brunel Solar Team represents the next generation of engineers and innovators who are going to make a difference. The collaboration of the Brunel Solar Team and Cartec was a quick success due to the shared passion, Dutch origin and ingenious technology.

NUNA 12 & Cartec Ceramic Guard

The NUNA 12, the newest solar car produced by the Brunel Solar Team, has been coated with a protective layer of Cartec Ceramic Guard this year. Our advanced coating technique ensures that the NUNA 12 remains free of contamination. Resulting in an aerodynamic advantage.

By applying the Cartec Ceramic Guard, the NUNA 12 smoothly cuts through air without contaminants sticking to the car. This reduces the disruption of airflow across the car and makes the NUNA 12 faster during the World Solar Challenge. The Ceramic Guard also eases maintenance of the NUNA12, in the extreme conditions of the Challenge.

World Solar Challenge

Every year, the Brunel Solar Team takes part in the World Solar Challenge. A race for solar cars that stretches over 3,000 kilometers through the Australian or South African outback. For the 2023 World Solar Challenge, the team will travel to Australia. The World Solar Challenge, taking place from Oct. 22 to 29, 2023, is a race for solar cars that brings together teams from around the world to explore the limits of solar energy and innovation.

The Brunel Solar Team is ready to take on the challenge with the NUNA 12, armed with Cartec Ceramic Guard.

Cartec Ceramic Guard

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