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Cartec Essentials range


Designed especially for the true car lover, Cartec has selected the Essential products from the professional range to clean, wash and finish the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The products stand for high quality and are ready-to-use. Get to know the Cartec Essentials products.

A selection
of the Essentials products

Wheel Wash

Wheel Wash is a powerful acid-free cleaner that effortlessly removes brake dust and dirt from heavily soiled wheels. The product gives a glossy result without agitation.


Exterior Multi Cleaner

Exterior Multi Cleaner is the ideal product for cleaning the exterior of the car. It removes any kind of road dirt, such as road grime and oil.


Fallout Remover

Fallout Remover is an effective cleaner for removing surface rust, metal particles and stubborn brake dust from car paint, rims and windows. The active formula turns the contaminants purple for quick and easy removal.


Interior Multi Cleaner

Interior Multi Cleaner is a cleaning product suitable for the interior of the car. It effortlessly cleans oil, grease and heavy dirt from the seats, dashboards and door panels. Interior Multi Cleaner leaves no traces or white residue after drying.


Glass Clean & Shine

Glass Clean & Shine gives a streak-free result and deep gloss to the inside and outside of the car window. The product cleans quickly and effortlessly removes dirt, grease, nicotine and insects.


Easy Wax Polish

Easy Wax Polish is a combination of cleaner and wax, it removes light scratches and makes dull paintwork like new again. The product is very easy to use and gives the car paint protection and its original deep gloss back.


Bumper & Tyre Care

Bumper & Tyre Care is a cleaning and protective product for plastic bumpers, tyres and all plastic parts on the exterior of the car. Restores the original look, dries quickly and is non-greasy.


Engine Wash

Engine Wash cleans the engine compartment safely and effectively. The solvent-free product effortlessly removes oil, grease and underbody sealants.


Tar Remover

Tar Remover safely and quickly removes asphalt, tar and light glue residue from car paint. The powerful formula quickly dissolves splashed tar and bitumen residues.


Insect Remover

Insect Remover quickly and effectively removes stubborn insect remains. The product is concentrated and foams well. This ensures better adhesion and fast processing time.


Wash & Wax Shampoo

Wash & Wax Shampoo is a foaming, cleaning car shampoo with wax. The combination of detergents provides effective cleaning combined with high gloss and good protection. After rinsing, the water simply runs off the car because of the wax. This speeds up the drying time considerably.


Dashboard Lotion

Dashboard Lotion is an ideal product for renewing the interior of the car. It restores the original look of plastic, vinyl and leather. Dashboard Lotion is non-greasy and gives an original silk-matt finish.


Leather Cream

Leather Cream cleans, nourishes and protects leather seats and car parts. The product restores the original look and suppleness to leather.


Quick Spray Wax

Quick Spray Wax gives the paintwork a perfect shine and protection. The product quickly removes light soiling, such as dust and fingerprints, and can be applied very quickly and effectively to both light and dark paintwork. Provides a beautiful water-repellent pearl effect


Essentials Brochure

Essentials is a Cartec product range. Download the Essentials brochure for alle information about these premium car wash products.

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