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Fallout Remover

Effectively removes rust, metal particles, and brake dust, pH-neutral and safe.

Fallout remover easily removes iron particles such as fly rust and brake dust from the surface. Iron particles get onto cars through car braking, the overhead wires of train tracks and metal industry. These difficult to remove particles can be removed quickly and effectively by washing the car with Fallout Remover.

On rim: 1-5 min. On paint: 5-15 min

Apply Fallout Remover to the surface to be treated. On paintwork within minutes the metal particles are because they turn purple. Rinse with clean water before the Fallout Remover dries. When used on wheels, rinse the product before the purple color turns to brown. Fallout Remover is a PH-neutral product which means that in principle it cannot damage paints, wheels, hubcaps, windows, chrome and metals. However, it is recommended to test on an inconspicuous area first.


• pH neutral product

• Safe to use

• Can also be used as a pre-cleaner

• Visible result through purple discoloration of the particles

• Very effective

• Better smell compared to the same type of products


• Use clay pad/clay disc/clay cloth to speed up the removal of fallout.

• In case of persistent soiling, the treatment can be repeated.

• If you want to clay the car’s paint with Fallout Remover, clean the paint first with Pre Wash.