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Cartec supplies an extensive range of professional maintenance products for cleaning and enhancing the exterior and interior of cars. To be able to work faster and more effectively, a selection of the best products has been made, processed in a simple step system and a handy storage rack. Meet Colorline.

A selection of the
Colorline products

Engine Cleaner MV40

The most effective cleaner for the engine bay. This solvent free cleaner easily removes oil and grease residues.


Wheel Cleaner (acid-free)

The acid-free Wheel Cleaner is the product to use for thorough cleaning of the rims & wheels. Stubborn brake dust from steel and aluminum wheels is quickly removed due to the strong cleaning power.


Iron Wash

An effective and acid-free cleaner for removing metal particles that are attached to the paint and wheels. Iron Wash reacts with these particles, creating a purple “bleeding” effect and dissolves the metal particles.


Tar & Glue Remover

Splashed tar and bitum residues that have attached to the car are quickly and easily removed with this specially designed product.


All Purpose Cleaner

This versatile cleaner can be used for many applications. Easily removes nicotine deposits, flies, tree resin, oil, grease and strong dirt.


Interior Cleaner

Interior Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaning product for the inside of the car. Strong contamination such as oil, nicotine deposits and grease are quickly removed with this product.


Dash Fresh

An interior dressing that gives all plastic parts a new look. Leaves a grease-free and satin finish with a pleasant scent.


Glass Cleaner

The ideal product for cleaning and degreasing windows and mirrors. Can be used on both the inside and the outside of the car.


Perfect Polish

The perfect product to give dull paints a new look. This combination of polish and wax gives a long-lasting protection and a deep glossy result.


Fast Glaze

This product provides new and polished lacquers with a deep and even shine. Fast Glaze works quickly, effectively and is easy to use. An ideal product to get the car in the perfect "showroom state".



A dressing that gives plastic parts, bumpers and tyres a new and original look. Vinyl has both a cleaning and a protective effect.


Motor Fresh

Motor Fresh is an innovative and solvent-free product that gives the plastic and rubber parts in the engine compartment a natural and attractive appearance. Very easy to use.


Splash Shampoo

Splash Shampoo is a foaming, cleansing car shampoo that leaves a deep shine and water repellent result. Ideal product for manually cleaning vehicles.


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Cartec is your total supplier and has many more professional products in its range. Request the product catalog to see all products.

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