Cleaning & Maintenance

Engine Cleaner MV40

Solvent-free engine cleaner easily removes oil and grease.

Cartec Engine Cleaner MV40 is a viscous and effective cleaner for under the hood. This solvent-free product effortlessly removes contamination such as oil, grease and underseal thanks to its intensive penetration time.

Pure - 1:3
1-5 min.

1. Depending on the contamination, use the product from pure to a maximum of 1:3.

2. a. Mist the entire engine compartment with Cartec Engine Cleaner MV40. Then let it soak in for 1-5 minutes.

b. In case of stubborn dirt, use a Cartec Detail Brush (3039/10) to further loosen dirt.

3. Clean the engine compartment thoroughly with a high pressure washer.

4. For an “as new result”, spray the drying engine compartment with Cartec Motor Fresh (1101).


Solvent-free, therefore much more environmentally friendly than solvents

Viscous product, therefore longer penetration time

Effortlessly dissolves grease, oil and road grime

Pleasant scent

  • Can also be used on door pillars and on and around the petrol cap.
  • Effective cleaner to remove polish residues.
  • Ideal for removing silicone rubber and sealant at car body repair shops.

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