Cleaning & Maintenance

Fast Glaze

Fast-acting wax for deep, even shine on new and polished paint

Cartec Fast Glaze provides new and machine polished lacquers with a deep and extreme shine. Fast Glaze works quickly, effectively and is easy to use. An ideal product to get the car in the perfect “showroom state”.

Up to 3 months

1. Spray Cartec Fast Glaze on the surface to be treated.

2. Use a clean Fuchsia microfibre cloth (3317/15) to apply Cartec Fast Glaze with a circular motion.

3. Buff to high gloss. For this, use a clean cloth or the back of the cloth already used.

  • Deep glossy result
  • Quickly removes light soiling and fingerprints
  • The paintwork becomes noticeably smoother
  • Very quick and easy to use
  • Non greasy and hologram-free
  • also suitable for use on plastics
  • Pleasant scent
  • Cartec Fast Glaze also works very well on windows. Be careful when using it on windscreens, as the water will be pushed out in front of the wiper. This may cause the wipers to bounce.
  • Ideal product for regular car maintenance, also after the wash.