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Tar Remover

Quickly removes asphalt, tar and glue residues.

Tar Remover quickly removes asphalt, tar and glue residues. The product is ideal for dry finishing and can be used during pre-cleaning. Tar Remover easily removes sticker residue.

1-3 min.

Spray Tar Remover on to the surface to be cleaned. Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes and then remove with a clean microfibre cloth or water. Do not leave used cloths resting on painted surfaces. In case of freshly sprayed or very old/damaged painted surfaces, test on an inconspicuous area to prevent possible damage.

Contains emulsifiers so that the product can be rinsed off with high pressure after use.


• Dissolves tar quickly and Effectively

• Use during pre-cleaning

• Ideal product for dry finishing


Be sure that there is no film of water on the paintwork before applying the Tar Remover. This impedes the operation of the product. Tar Remover works well in addition to tar to remove sticker residue.