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Cleaning the car interior in 5 steps


For car maintenance, interior cleaning is an important part. A fresh car interior not only makes for a pleasant driving experience, it also helps maintain the value of your car. In this insight, we'll explain to you step-by-step how to maintain the interior with Interior Cleaner and a microfiber wash mitt.

Car interior cleaning step-by-step plan

Step 1: Preparation of the car interior

To clean a car interior, proper preparation is important. Place the car in the shade or ventilated area so that the product will not dry up quickly. Also remove all loose objects such as trash and personal belongings from the car. This will already make cleaning the interior a lot easier!

Step 2: Vacuum clean the car’s interior

Before cleaning the interior, it is important to vacuum thoroughly first. To do this, use a hoover with an upholstery or brush attachment to remove dirt from seats, car mats and other surfaces. Pay extra attention to cracks, seams and other hard-to-reach areas where dirt can accumulate.

Step 3: Applying Cartec Interior Cleaner

Interior Cleaner is an effective cleaner, for cleaning dashboard, seat upholstery, headliner, plastic and leather. Shake the bottle before use and spray the product on a soft microfiber wash mitt. Make sure the wash mitt is well moistened from the product.

Step 4: Car interior cleaning

Use the injected interior wash mitt to thoroughly clean the car’s interior. Run the wash mitt over the car seats, door panels, dashboard, centre console and car mats. While doing so, make gentle circular movements and apply light pressure to remove stains and dirt. Interior Cleaner is specially developed to effectively remove grease, dirt and stains without damaging the surface. Interior Cleaner can be used on plastic, textiles and leather.

Step 5: Remove the Cartec Interior Cleaner

After cleaning with Interior Cleaner, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe off excess moisture from the cleaned surface. Remove the product from the car upholstery with a hoover.

Maintaining the exterior of the car

Want to know the best way to go about cleaning the exterior? Then read our insight ‘This is how to wash your car‘ for handy tips and tricks. This is how to make sure your car looks like new inside and out!


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