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Discover Rapid Cut 4000! The new compound in the Refinish Line


Meet the new compound from Cartec: the Rapid Cut 4000! A breath of fresh air in the well-known Refinish Line. For years, the Refinish Line has been the range of products every professional needs for the toughest paint problems.

The Refinish products

In 2010, the Refinish Line was introduced, a line that guarantees quality polishing with a system. A system that is easy to follow due to the designations and color coding. A matching product for every paint challenge! With the introduction of the Rapid Cut 4000, this tradition of innovation continues.

Cartec Rapid Cut 4000 

The newbie, the Rapid Cut 4000, has been carefully developed to fit perfectly within this line. It is not just another addition; it is the result of years of development and expertise. This compound promises easy application with deep cutting, dustless application and high gloss results.

Product benefits of the Rapid Cut 4000:

  • Deep cutting: The product proceeds thoroughly and provides a visibly deeper shine.
  • Easy to use: The combination; 4000 and the new Unipad, makes application easy and suitable for everyone.
  • Minimal dust generation: During use, your work area remains clean, thanks to low to no dust formation.
  • Time-saving: Saves valuable time due to its fast action.

This innovative compound not only represents the quality we at Cartec are aiming for. But it also sets a new standard for what professionals should expect from their polishing products. Rapid Cut 4000 is a product that not only meets but also exceeds the high demands of professionals today!

Doortje Stam

Works at the online marketing department at Cartec. Keeps an eye on the developments within the social media platforms. She loves sportive cars, social media and creative content.


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