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Easily remove insects from your car? Here’s how to do it!


When summer time arrives, insects also reappear. These insects can get stuck on a car's paintwork while driving and sometimes cause damage. With proper cleaning, it is preventable!

What is the danger of insect remains on the car?

The acid-content of insects creates etch marks in the paintwork. The longer they stick to the paintwork, the more damage they can cause. They are also more difficult to remove over time. Therefore, it is important to remove these insect residues carefully.

What do you need to remove bugs?

Sometimes a car shampoo is enough to remove insect remains. Only this is quite often not the case. An insect remover offers the solution then.

Insect Cleaner

Cartec Insect Cleaner is specially developed for cleaning insect remains. Thanks to its components, high concentration and high foam level, Insect Cleaner has optimum adhesion and short penetration time on insect remains. This ensures a faster and easier cleaning process of several minutes. The product can be used in the summer months as a pre-cleaner on panels with insects.

Royal Insect

Cartec Royal Insect is the solution for insect removal, especially in the car wash. With its advanced formula and unique properties, this product is a very fast and effective insect cleaner. Royal Insect effectively removes insects and other contamination such as street dirt. Cartec Royal Insect can therefore be used as a pre-cleaner.

How do you remove insects from the car?

The products are easy to use, dilute the product (in proportion as indicated on label) with water in a pressure pump. Then spray the product on the insect remains and let the product soak for about a minute before rinsing it off with a pressure washer.

Good to know is that the insect cleaners are not aggressive products. As a result, the products can always be used safely on aluminium and chrome, provided they are used correctly.

Removing insects as an individual?

Also for the individual, Cartec has added an insect remover to its Essentials line, Insect Remover. Insect Remover is ready to use and works very simply. Spray the product on the car and rinse with water after a short soak.


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