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Car exterior care with the Essentials


After removing all the dirt, it is time to take care of the exterior. In this 'insight', you will read step by step how to remove small scratches, give the paint a deep shine and return the plastic parts and tyres to their original black look.

Want to know first how to make the car completely dirt-free? If so, read the Insight ‘Cleaning the exterior with the Essentials products‘.

1. Easy Wax Polish

If you have light scratches in your paintwork, this can be very disturbing when the paint catches the sunlight. With Easy Wax Polish, you can easily remove these scratches yourself. It gives the paint back its original deep shine and provides good protection. Apply the Easy Wax Polish to the paintwork and rub it in. You can rub it in with a clean microfibre cloth in a circular motion. Leave the product to dry. Then rub the polish to a high-gloss with a clean cloth.

Note: On plastic parts, the product may turn white. Avoid this with the application of the product.    

2. Quick Spray Wax

After a good wash, the paintwork needs proper protection. The Quick Spray Wax is very suitable for this and provides the paintwork with a very deep shine. This liquid car wax removes light soiling such as dust and fingerprints. Besides protection and dirt removal, the Quick Spray Wax provides a water-repellent pearl effect. The car wax works quickly, effectively and is easy to apply. Spray the product on the paintwork and then rub the paintwork with a clean soft microfibre cloth to a high gloss.

3. Bumper & Tyre Care 

Complete the wash & care with the Bumper & Tyre Care. This product brings plastic parts, bumpers and tyres back to their original black appearance. The product works like tyre black but, unlike similar products, is non-greasy and does not rub off. Bumper & Tyre Care also protects the material from drying out. Apply the product with an application sponge and let it soak in for a while. Then rub with a clean cloth or the back of the sponge. The product dries quickly and evenly, after which the tyres will look like new.

Tip: Use Bumper & Tyre Care to maintain door rubbers. This reduces freezing of the doors.

Exterior cleaning

Want to know how to make the car completely dirt-free? If so, read the Insight ‘Cleaning the exterior with the Essentials products‘.

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