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How do you use Royal Forte?


Royal Forte is a powerful alkaline cleaner for use in the car wash and excellent for removing street dirt and insects. The product is high foaming and remains on the surface for a long time. Royal Forte is often used as a pre-cleaner in carwashes because it is a powerful cleaner, which in despite of its short working time gives an optimal result.

What are the benefits of a pre-cleaner in the car wash?

In the process of fully cleaning a vehicle, a pre-cleaner cannot be missing. In the step of the pre-cleaner, the coarse dirt will be removed. The dirt consists mainly of grease, road dirt and insects. The pre-cleaner removes all this dirt in no time. The Royal Forte soaks into the dirt quickly and therefore has a short working time. It is powerful enough to clean completely with high-pressure force. Therefore, during the pre-cleaning, there is no need to wash mechanically. This saves time and prevents the dirt present from causing scratches.

How is Royal Forte being used?

Royal Forte has been developed, among other things, for use in car washes. Here it is often necessary that a product does not have a long soaking time. As a result, the process in the car wash can be carried out quickly. Especially in companies where many cars have to be washed quickly, Royal Forte is suitable to be used as a pre-cleaner.

Royal Forte is also an excellent cleaner for trucks and buses. Royal Forte produces a full lather when applied with a foam lance. Vehicles should be cleaned quickly and preferably non-contact. There is normally no need for mechanical post-washing. Usually only high-pressure force is enough for fast and good cleaning. Nevertheless, it may happen (in the case of heavy soiling) that additional mechanical force is required in addition to a pressure washer. In that case it is advisable to treat the vehicle with the Royal Forte and a suitable brush, sponge and/or washing glove.

Besides the use with a pressure washer or a foam lance, the Royal Forte can also be applied with a pressure pump sprayer such as the IK9 so the Royal Forte can be applied in the correct ratio. The IK9 pump must first be filled with the required amount of water. Then add the Royal Forte measured out in a measuring cup. Then pressurize the IK9 pump and atomize the diluted Royal Forte onto the surface to be cleaned.
Allow Royal Forte to soak in for a short moment. Then spray thoroughly with a powerful high pressure jet.

Tip: always apply the Royal Forte from the bottom to the top of the paint. When you spray it from bottom to top on the paint, the product is less ‘run’. The product remains longer on the paint and can provide more cleaning power. This also applies to hosing down. Always spray clean from the bottom up in wide strokes. Finally, rinse from top to bottom to remove the last bit of product and foam.

Warning: Royal Forte should be rinsed off intensively after a short soaking period. Don’t let the applied product dry in the sun or in a warm environment. If the application time is too long or if the concentration is too high, the product may corrode aluminium or chrome parts that may be present. Be careful when using Royal Forte in case a paint is in bad condition or oxidized.

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