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New! Discover the Glass Cleaner XL


Meet the brand new Glass Cleaner XL from Cartec. This time-saving glass cleaner offers a powerful cleaning experience and ensures spotless results. Thanks to its special cleaning power, the Glass Cleaner XL effortlessly removes stubborn dirt, grease and fingerprints.

The unique properties of the glass cleaner

Unlike other glass cleaners, Glass Cleaner XL hardly foams at application. In addition, the new glass cleaner gives excellent spread on the glass, distributing the product evenly and providing better coverage. Thanks to these features, this new glass cleaner works quickly and leaves no spots or streaks.

Glass cleaner XL leaves no residue or stains when it comes into contact with plastic. As a result, this product is suitable for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. These unique properties of Glass Cleaner XL make this product a true “time saver” for the professional!

This is how to apply glass cleaner

Applying the glass cleaner is easy and quick. Spray the product onto the glass surface you want to treat. Then clean the surface with a Microfiber Mini Glass Cloth. Rub the glass surface to a high gloss with a clean Microfiber Glass Velvet Cloth.

The Glass Cleaner XL applies smoothly, making this product easy to use. A professional finish is assured!

Doortje Stam

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