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New! Essentials Pre Wash, Neutral Wash Shampoo & Wet Coat


Especially for the true car lover, we add to the Cartec Essentials line the perfect cleaning and protection system. Discover the three new products below: Pre Wash, Neutral Wash Shampoo and Wet Coat.

Pre Wash

Essentials Pre Wash is a very strong pre-cleaner, for stubborn dirt on car paintwork. The product is ready-to-use and quickly loosens strong soiling from the paintwork. This way, the toughest dirt is already removed, without even touching the paintwork with, for example, a washing glove or sponge. Pre Wash is generally safe to use on aluminium and chrome parts.

Neutral Wash Shampoo

For washing by hand, Neutral Wash Shampoo has been added to the range. Neutral Wash Shampoo is a high foaming and pH-neutral car shampoo with a pleasant fragrance. The shampoo has very good cleaning power thanks to its detergent active ingredients. A wash active ingredient creates foam, loosens dirt from the surface and allows water to easily remove dirt. The shampoo is easy to use with a car sponge or a washing glove. Neutral Wash Shampoo is a very good pre-treatment for Wet Coat.

Wet Coat

Wet Coat is a hydrophobic spray coating, which you mist onto a wet car. After spraying, the coating sinks through the water and adheres to the paintwork. After application, the product can be rinsed off immediately. During rinsing, a very good protective layer is created and the paintwork gets a deep shine.

Wet Coat provides extreme water beading and produces nice round drops. This is immediately visible during rinsing. Besides protecting the paintwork, the coating also protects the plastic parts and rims of the car.

Full treatment

Pre Wash, Neutral Wash Shampoo and Wet Coat form a step-by-step plan for thoroughly cleaning and protecting the car. Follow the above sequence for great results.

Order the Cartec Essentials Products

The products are available for retail. Interested in the Essentials products? Please contact the Cartec distributor in your country/region. See the country map for more contact information

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