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Quick Spray Wax

Quick deep gloss and protection, non-greasy and leaves no white residue.

Quick Spray Wax gives the paint a very deep gloss and excellent protection against weather influences. The product works quickly, effectively and is very easy to apply. It removes light dirt and fingerprints from the paintwork. Also works well on stainless steel and the rear and side windows of the car. Ideal product for regular maintenance, also after washing.


Lightly spray Quick Spray Wax to the vehicles bodywork, then remove using a clean soft microfiber cloth. Do not use in direct sunlight or on warm surfaces. Quick Spray Wax can also be applied on a slightly damp vehicle after washing to help dry the vehicle. Shake well before use.


• Deep gloss result

• The paintwork becomes perceptibly smoother due to the polymers

• Very quick and easy to use

• Non greasy and hologram-free

• Leaves no white residue on plastic

• Pleasant fragrance

• Silicone-based formula


Quick Spray Wax also works well on windows, but may leave a slightly greasy haze on windshields in combination with windshield wipers. Spray the product onto a cloth and treat the window. Using a clean cloth, rub the glass to high gloss for a nice water repellent coat.