Polishing & Paint Correction

Rapid Cut 4000

Revives weathered paint, removes deep scratches and sanding marks.

Cartec Rapid Cut 4000 easily handles challenging paint restoration. Ideal for reviving weathered and blemished paintwork, it effectively removes deep scratches, sanding marks (P1500 and upwards) and other imperfections. Its easy application ensures smooth surface restoration, delivering impressive results effortlessly. A great product for both the detailer and body shop.


1. Determine the working surface within shoulder width and six times the area of the polishing pad.

2. Apply 6 pea-sized dots (for ⌀125 mm) of Cartec Rapid Cut 4000 to the unipad.

3. • Rotary: Spread the product on the lowest setting and increase the speed to 1200-1500 RPM.

• Dual Action: Spread the product on the lowest setting and increase the speed to 3500-4800 RPM.

4. Work in sections while applying even pressure. Continue until the scratches are removed and a good finish is achieved.

5. Buff the surface thoroughly by low pressure with the Cartec Microfibre Cloth Orange (RF2217C) to a high gloss and remove all polish residue.

  • Fast and deep cutting
  • Easy and smooth performance during action
  • Low-dust Time-saving
  • Easy to buff off
  • Provides instant high gloss
  • Free of silicones, ammonia and fillers
  • Consider utilizing Cartec Panel Spray (REFLSP) for comprehensive surface degreasing, removal of residual polish, and a thorough assessment of the paintwork’s condition.
  • When using a rotary polishing machine, avoid polishing in one spot for too long to prevent overheating of the paint.
  • When using a dual action polishing machine make sure the pad continues to rotate on the surface.
  • Use a 3000-grit foam disc in the fine-grade abrasives process to reduce polishing time.