The Ultimate
Carwash Experience

Royal Care

Royal Care

Car wash products that assure you of the highest attainable result in your car wash. Royal Care is characterized by a powerful cleaning, extremely good drying results, an unprecedented deep shine and long protection. The line is environmentally friendly, highly concentrated and has a pleasant odor.

The Ultimate Carwash Experience

Royal Clean Plus

Royal Clean + is a concentrated, shiny brush shampoo. The product contains polymers which optimizes the shining performance, a faster water film beading and eventually drier results. Royal Clean + lubricates the brushes to prevent them from scratching the cars.

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Royal Clean

Royal Clean is a concentrated, foaming brush shampoo. The product has an acidic pH-value and it’s biodegradable. Royal Clean helps the brushes to stay clean and it minimalizes the wear out of the brushes.

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Royal Care brochure

Royal Care is a Cartec product range. Download the Royal Care brochure for all information about these premium car wash products.

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