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How to remove brake dust with Wheel Cleaner


A good wheel cleaner is necessary to get wheels properly clean. The stubborn brake dust often makes it difficult to achieve the wanted result. When only a pre-cleaner is used, there will often be residual brake dust visible. It is therefore important to use a good wheel cleaner in addition to a pre-cleaner.

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What is brake dust?

Brake dust is burnt brake grit, which comes from the brake disc and pads. It is produced when the brake is applied. When brake dust comes off the brake disc and pads it is hot and adheres to the surface of the rims. If you do not remove this from the rims regularly, it will become increasingly difficult to get the rims clean again.

What do you use a wheel cleaner for?

Cartec Wheel Cleaner is specially developed for extreme cleaning of rims. The stubborn black brake dust will be loosened by the special formula. After this, the brake dust can be hosed off with a high pressure cleaner. With this treatment you also immediately remove traffic dirt. Most wheel cleaners are acid-based. Cartec Wheel Cleaner is not acid-based but has an alkaline base. This is a lot safer and more effective than an acid wheel cleaner. In addition, an acidic wheel cleaner can affect a concrete work floor. This is not the case with an alkaline cleaner.

How do you use a wheel cleaner?

For the best result, Cartec Wheel Cleaner should be applied undiluted. The product can be applied to the rims by means of a pressure pump or a sprayer. The pressure pump is often used for large surfaces and is faster in applying the product than the sprayer. The pressure pump can spray the entire wheel surface with the rim cleaner in one operation.

The application of the rim cleaner can only take place in the open air or in a well-ventilated room. It is important that the product is not applied in full sunlight and on warm or hot rims. This can cause the product to dry and corrode the material.

Let the product depending on the pollution 1 to 2 minutes on the rims. Should the rims be seriously polluted, then the pollution can be soaked off with a Wheelsan brush. This brush has the shape of a bucking stick which makes it easier to reach places which are difficult to reach. Finish the treatment by thoroughly cleaning the rims, brake discs and tires.

Caution! Specially treated aluminum and lightweight metal may be sensitive to tarnishing. In this case, use Cartec Iron Wash. Always check the product in an inconspicuous place before use to avoid possible damage.

In this video the use of the Wheel Cleaner is explained step by step.

For individuals

Wheel Cleaner is being provided to professional users, but as an individual, Cartec products can also be purchased. This can be done at the selected Essentials outlets. In the Essentials line the product is called Wheel Wash. Ask the local dealer about the Essentials line.


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