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Restore the appearance of tires with Vinyl


After many miles of driving, the rubber of the tires ages. Aging rubber can be signaled by the lighter color that the rubber has taken on. The aging of the tires is slowed down when the tires are well maintained. The best way is to regularly treat the rubber with a maintenance product. Cartec also has products for this in its range; Vinyl and the accompanying Vinyl sponge. But what is Vinyl? Why is regular maintenance of your tires important? And how do you use the products?

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl was developed as a “finishing touch” when treating the plastic parts, bumpers and tires of vehicles. The special formula gives these materials a silk-matt and original look. Vinyl also protects against weathering. Vinyl can also be used to maintain door rubbers. It is very effective on door rubbers in the winter, so frozen doors can be prevented.

Vinyl, unlike other maintenance products such as tire black, is a product without dyes and does not feel greasy. Despite the fact that the Vinyl is colorless, it knows how to bring back the original look of the tires. As a result, the tires have a look like new. Tires black and other maintenance products often give off when walked along with clothes. This is not the case with Vinyl.

Maintaining tires with Vinyl

The tires need to be serviced regularly because the tires determine the car’s grip on the road. The rubber of the tires dries out over time, therefore the tires lose their black color and become a dull gray color. When you treat the tires with Vinyl, the tires become like new again with the original black color. Because of the special formula of the Vinyl, the rubber or plastic is nourished and provided with a protective layer. After application, the Vinyl dries quickly, does not feel greasy and does not stain.

How do you apply Vinyl?

Vinyl is applied to rubber and plastic parts after the vehicle has been washed. Make sure the tires are thoroughly dry before applying Vinyl. If the tires are still wet, dry them first with a drying cloth. On dry tires, the Vinyl adheres better and the result is immediately visible.

Shake well before use. Apply a little Vinyl on a Vinyl sponge and rub it on the rubber of the tires. Then, with the dry side of the sponge, go over the surface for better distribution. The result is immediately visible and does not change when the vinyl dries. The tires will stay as black as when the vinyl dries. By treating the tires with Vinyl, there is also a protective layer applied to the tires. If the product gets onto unwanted areas, such as the vehicle’s paintwork, it is easily removed with a cloth.

Tip: Apply the Vinyl to one tip of the Vinyl sponge. This makes application easier and more precise on small areas and along edges.

The video below shows step by step how to treat a vehicle with Vinyl.

How long does Vinyl stay visible?

The Vinyl will remain visible in the best conditions for about two months. This does depend on a few factors. The weather conditions have a big influence on the length of time the tires will stay black after the Vinyl treatment. When it rains, snows and freezes a lot, the tires will dull faster and a treatment is needed more often. In addition, the number of kilometers driven also plays a role.

For individuals

Vinyl is being provided to professional users, but as an individual, Cartec products can also be purchased. This can be done at the selected Essentials outlets. In the Essentials line the product is called Bumper & Tyre Care. Ask the local dealer about the Essentials line.



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