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This is how you remove a bad smell from your car!


A bad smell in the car can be very annoying. Think of second-hand cars where the smell of the previous owner (for example smoke) is still noticeable. You prefer to remove this as soon as possible. With the Cartec Fresh Ozone Generator, bad smells disappear like snow in the sun.

How does the ozone generator work?

Ozone is a light blue type of gas with a sharp smell, also called “active oxygen”. It is strongly oxidising and therefore extremely efficient in purifying. Ozone is a natural gas that occurs in the stratosphere, 25-35 kilometres from the Earth’s surface. The gas is important for the Earth because it absorbs UV rays. In the car, the ozone generator absorbs all the oxygen and other particles in the space and gives ozone in return. This ultimately removes the bad smells.

What makes this ozone generator better?

This is a chemical calculation because we are dealing with ozone gas. The renewed Fresh Ozone Generator has an output of 7 PPM instead of 5 PPM. This means that the Fresh Ozone Generator emits 7000 milligrams of ozone per hour. And will remove more polluted particles from the air in a shorter period of time.

What is a PPM?

A concentration of 1 PPM indicates that there is one part of a product out of a total of one million parts (Part Per Million). There are also ozone generators on the market with a capacity of 10 PPM. Be careful with this; ozone is toxic in higher concentrations and can be dangerous to your health.

What should I be aware of when using the ozone generator?

As explained earlier, the Cartec Fresh Ozone Generator removes all oxygen from the room. It is therefore important to close off the room thoroughly when the device is on. Also make clear to everyone in the vicinity that they cannot enter the room.

When the treatment is finished, wait 40 minutes before entering the room. The ozone will still be present, which is harmful to the airways. After that, the room can be aired and it will be smelling fresh again!

Then give the car a pleasant fragrance of your choice with the Cartec Carfum!

Doortje Stam

Works at the online marketing department at Cartec. Keeps an eye on the developments within the social media platforms. She loves sportive cars, social media and creative content.


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