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Cartec Refinish Process – Prepare for compounding


A thorough cleaning is essential in preparation for a polish. This blog offers a detailed step-by-step plan for proper vehicle cleaning. From removing stubborn dirt to careful drying, follow these guidelines to prepare the vehicle for an effective polish!

STEP 1: Tackling the biggest pollution

Start by removing the toughest dirt by thoroughly treating the wheels and engine compartment. Spray the wheels with Cartec Wheel Cleaner, a powerful cleaner that effectively loosens brake dust and road dirt. At the same time, spray the engine compartment and door pillars with Cartec Engine Cleaner MV40, specially designed to remove oil, grease and other dirt. Let the products take effect for about two minutes. Then rinse everything thoroughly with a pressure washer.

STEP 2: Pre-cleaning with Twister Comfort

Effective pre-cleaning is essential to avoid scratches during manual washing. Spray the car body with Cartec Twister Comfort from bottom to top. Use a pressure pump or a foam lance for even distribution of the product. This product helps to loosen dirt without direct contact with the paintwork. Let the foam sit for two minutes to penetrate deep into the dirt. Then rinse the car from bottom to top with the pressure washer.

STEP 3: Washing the car

Hand washing is done from top to bottom. Use Cartec Splash Shampoo mixed in a bucket of water or via a foam lance for extra foaming. Work with a wash mitt that can catch dirt without damaging the paintwork. Rinse the car thoroughly after washing to remove all soap residue, remove all residue to avoid stains and streaks.

STEP 4: Removal of fly rust

Spray Cartec Iron Wash on the paintwork to tackle fly rust caused by metal particles in the air adhering to the paintwork. After the product soaks in, use a claybar or claypad to clay the paintwork, which helps remove trapped dirt particles and fly rust. Rinse the car well after this treatment.

STEP 5: Removing tar

Cartec Tar & Glue Remover is perfect for removing tar and glue residue often found in wheel arches and on the sides of the car. Spray the product on the affected areas, leave it on for two minutes to soften the tar, then rinse off with a pressure washer.

STEP 6: Drying the car

After washing and treating the car, it is important to dry it thoroughly. Use a clean, soft drying cloth such as the Aqua Drying Towel XL or a chamois to remove water droplets and prevent water stains. Make sure you dry each section thoroughly.

After following these steps, the vehicle is thoroughly washed and ready for the next phase: polishing. Want to learn more about how to perfectly polish paintwork? Then read on here: Removing scratches in 6 steps…. this is how you do it!

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