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Cleaning, treating and protecting car leather. How it works!


The renewed Leather Care is the latest product introduced by Cartec. For this product, Cartec's chemists had to gather a lot of knowledge about leather. Leather is skin, not car paint, and therefore requires a different approach and treatment. If a leather product is developed, other types of raw materials are needed. Other knowledge is needed. After all, it's about skin care rather than making car paint shine. Read in this 'Insight' how to clean, treat and protect leather.

Why care for car leather?

Leather car seats become faded and dry through use. That is why it is important to feed the leather regularly. Leather Care absorbs well. It contains surface-reducing substances so that the product can penetrate deep and well into the leather. Because the deeper the product penetrates, the better it nourishes and the more supple the leather becomes. So it feels more natural and looks healthier.

How to clean car leather?

Use Cartec Leather Care about twice a year. Use a soft sponge to give the leather a thick coat and let it soak in for about five minutes. Then rub it on with a microfiber cloth. Preferably use a short-haired cloth. For example, a Ceramic Guard cloth.

Cartec Leather Care has a cleaning effect. If the chair shows only light soiling, it can be used immediately. In case of a more soiled surface, it is recommended to first clean the chair with Cartec Interior Cleaner.

In addition to cleaning, Leather Care also provides slight protection. After the treatment there is a protective layer on the car seat. This protects against food residues and dirty clothes, among other things.

“If you care for the leather in this way every six months, it doesn’t really have time to get very dirty. This way the leather stays nice and nourished.” – Jos Willemsen, lab technician

Chair half pre-treated with Cartec Interior Cleaner. Then treated and protected with Cartec Leather Care.

Different kinds of leather

In the market there are many different types of leather. The differences are mainly in how porous the leather is. Porous means how open the structure of the leather is and how easily the product sinks in. With the help of the local car seat upholsterer, it was possible for Cartec to test the renewed Leather Care on different types of leather. After several adjustments, the product began to show the right result on all types of leather. Tests were conducted on jackets, shoes, a leather pouf and, of course, car seats. In the end this resulted in a product that achieves good results on all types of leather.

Tip from the maker

Use a soft (Vinyl) sponge during the application. If you use a microfiber cloth, a lot of grease will be absorbed into the cloth instead of the leather. You don’t want to get the grease from the product in the cloth, you want it in the leather.

Did you clean the leather well? This is how you treat the rest of the interior.


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