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New: Refinish Starterpack


Wondering how Cartec Refinish products work? Discover the new Refinish Starterpack here, which contains everything you need for extensive polishing and deep scratch removal. In this Insight, we explain more about the contents of the pack.

Want to know more about Cartec’s standard process for removing deep scratches? Watch the video here.

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What is the content of the Refinish Starterpack?

Cartec Refinish Diamond Cut 3000

For deep scratches or weathered paintwork, Diamond Cut 3000 is definitely a handy polishing compound to start with. Due to the coarser polishing grain, this compound has an extremely deep polishing action.  It is very suitable for weathered, hard and scratch-resistant paints. It also effortlessly removes deep (sanding) scratches, spray mist, orange peel, dust and sinkers.

Cartec Refinish Final Cut 9000

The Final Cut 9000 can be used as a “one step” finishing product. Small scratches and holograms are easily removed. The Final Cut can also be used in combination with the 3000. In addition, the Final Cut 9000 gives the paint a very deep shine.

Cartec Refinish Ultra Finish 12000

The Ultra Finish 12000 completes your polish. This polishing paste gives an extremely deep shine to the paintwork. All possible holograms are removed during this final step. Ensuring an absolutely hologram-free result.

Cartec Refinish Ultra Soft Microfibre Cloths

The microfibre cloths in the Starter Pack are high-quality and soft microfibre cloths. Due to their long-haired, coarse structure, the microfibre cloths optimally absorb polishing residues. The microfibre cloths correspond to the colour of the matching polishing paste, making it easy to tell the cloths apart.

Cartec Refinish Polishing Foam Pads

The foam pads in the Refinish Starter Pack have been selected to go with the Refinish polishing pastes. And also support the action of the pastes. The polishing pads are made in the colour of the matching Refinish bottle, making it recognisable which pad and paste belong together. Read more about the Cartec foam pads in the insight ‘The advantage of a foampad‘.

Which polisher should I choose?

Okay, now we have discussed polishing products. But to get started with scratch removal, a polisher is at least as important. Depending on the amount of experience and surface, choose a suitable polisher. Find out which polisher suits you in the insight: ‘Which polisher should I choose?’.

Remove deep scratches from car paint?

Cartec has described the removal of deep scratches in a comprehensive process. View and download the process maps here:

Refinish process

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