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Easy Wax Polish

Provides deep gloss and protection, removes light scratches.

Easy Wax Polish is the ideal product for a quick treatment of weather-beaten and slightly damaged car paintwork. It gives the paint its original deep gloss and provides good protection. Due to its polishing action, the product removes light scratches. It also removes small tar residues from the paintwork. Easy Wax Polish can be used both manually and mechanically.


Apply Easy Wax Polish to the lacquer. Then polish with a clean microfiber cloth and twist. Rub to high gloss with a clean cloth once the polish is dry. Avoid use on unpainted plastic parts such as bumpers. Shake well before use.


• Fast results due to two applications in one product

• Very easy to apply

• Deep gloss and good protection

• Can be processed in the sun

• Removes light scratches quickly

• Silicone-based formula


When applying with a polisher, use either the white or yellow Cartec polishing pad to process. After application, the wax must harden before the residue can be removed. This takes a few minutes depending on the temperature. When you can write with your finger in the film layer and it feels dry, you know that the layer is cured and you can start rubbing the paint. Product easily removes black streaks from caravans and campers.