Polishing & Paint Correction

Final Cut 9000

One-step finish for deep gloss, removes scratches and holograms.

Cartec Final Cut 9000 is a “one-step” finishing product that provides a deep gloss to the paint. Small scratches and holograms are easily removed. The “one-step” technology is a great tool for professionals who want to work efficiently. Also, it’s works perfect as the finishing step after compounding.


1. Determine the working surface within shoulder width and six times the area of the polishing pad.

2. Apply 3 pea-sized dots (for ⌀150mm) of Cartec Final Cut 9000 to the polishing pad.

3. • Rotary: Take the Cartec white pad for rotary machines (RF2150G for ⌀150mm). Spread the product on the lowest setting and increase the speed to 1200 – 1200 – 1500 RPM.

• Dual Action: Take the Cartec white pad for dual action machines (RF2156 for ⌀150mm). Spread the product on the lowest setting and increase the speed to 3500 – 4800 – 4800 RPM.

4. Work in sections while applying even pressure. Process the product until the scratches are removed.

5. Clean the surface thoroughly with the Cartec Microfibre Cloth White (RF2207C) to remove all polish residue.

  • Provides a deep gloss
  • Efficient product
  • One-step technology
  • Free of silicones, ammonia and fillers
  • To “finish” in one step and remove as many scratches as possible, the Cartec Final Cut 9000 also works very well in combination with the coarser yellow Cartec pad (Rotary:RF2120 & Dual action: RF2126).
  • Use Cartec Panel Spray (REFLSP) to completely degrease the surface, remove remaining polish residue and review the actual condition of the paintwork.
  • When using a rotary polishing machine, avoid polishing in one spot for too long to prevent overheating of the paint.