Polishing & Paint Correction

Panel Spray

An isopropyl alcohol-based cleaner that easily removes polishing residues.

Cartec Panel Spray is an isopropyl alcohol-based cleaner that easily removes polishing residues, waxes, silicones or solvents from the surface.
Cartec Panel Spray is also essential as a cleaning agent before applying Ceramic Guard, in order to ensure better adhesion to the bodywork and thus longer-lasting protection.


1. Mist a few sprays of Cartec Panel Spray onto the Cartec red microfibre cloth (RF2212)
2. Wipe the wet cloth over the surface, making sure all areas are touched.
3. Then wipe with the dry side of the cloth or a clean Cartec red microfibre cloth (RF2212).

  • Effective and thorough cleaning
  • Displays the true condition of the paintwork
  • Ideal for checking polishing work
  • Essential for paintwork preparation before applying Ceramic Guard
  • Ensures better adhesion of Ceramic Guard, resulting in more durable protection
  • Always use a clean cloth to avoid scratching the paintwork.