Cleaning & Maintenance

Splash Shampoo

Foaming car shampoo with wax for deep shine and water repellency.

Splash Shampoo is a highly concentrated car shampoo and wax. The water beading effect attained by using this product means that the drying process goes much quicker. The product is ideal for daily service washes on sales forecourts where moving cars away to a valeting area is not practical. It also works very well as a snow foam.


1. Mix Cartec Splash Shampoo 1:80 with clean water in the transparent Cartec bucket (3051/5), including the Dirt Lock Bucket Siever (3051/6).

2. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom with a washing mitt (3120/28). Between washing, dip the wash mitt into the full bucket regularly.

3. After washing, rinse immediately with clean water.

4. Dry the car with the PVA microfibre chamois (3009/02) or the Cartec Aqua Drying Towel (3317/50) to avoid staining the paintwork.

  • Active foaming cleaning
  • Deep gloss and protection
  • Built in rinse aid producing a water beading effect
  • Makes the drying process afterwards easier
  • Pleasant scent
  • Cartec Splash Shampoo also works very well in combination with a foam lance (3117/60). Fill the cup with the product and lather the vehicle. Then proceed to wash the vehicle with a wet washing mitt (3120/28).
  • Preferably rinse the vehicle with osmosis water to avoid calcium stains.

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