Cleaning & Maintenance

Glass Cleaner

Cleans and degreases windows and mirrors

The ideal product for cleaning and degreasing windows and mirrors. Can be used on both the inside and the outside of the car. Finishes to an extreme gloss with a streak free formulation.


1. Spray Cartec Glass Cleaner undiluted onto the glass surface to be cleaned.

2. Then let it allow it to dwell for a while and then wipe the car window clean with paper (3313/6) or a Cartec microfibre cloth mini glass (3317/12).

3. Then with a dry sheet of paper or with the back of the cloth, rub the window to a high gloss.

  • Quickly cleans and degreases the glass surface
  • Dries without leaving streaks
  • Gives a deep shine
  • Easy to use, does not jam during application
  • Removes insect remains very effectively
  • Want to remove (toll) vignettes or stickers? Then first use the Cartec scraping knife (3023/5) to remove the sticker. Other glue residues are easily removed with Cartec Glass Cleaner and paper.
  • Cartec Glass Cleaner can also be used to remove polish residues on both paintwork and plastic parts. To remove polishing paste from rubber or other plastic parts, Cartec
  • Glass Cleaner works very well in combination with Cartec Magic Foam (3212/02).

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