Cleaning & Maintenance

Interior Cleaner

Interior cleaner quickly removes oil, nicotine, and grease.

Interior Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaning product for the inside of the car. Strong contamination such as oil, nicotine deposits and grease are quickly removed with this product.

Pure - 1:10
1-3 min

1. Dilute pure up to 1:10 with water according to contamination. Apply with a pressure pump or sprayer to the parts to be cleaned.

2. Allow to dwell for 1 to 3 minutes and rub in with the Cartec Soft Interior Brush (3038/01) or the Cartec microfibre glove (3043/8).

3. a. When using a microfibre cloth (such as 3317/51), wet the cloth thoroughly and rub the surface until the soap residue has disappeared. Then rub again with a dry, clean cloth.

b. When using an extraction machine (only for on upholstery): Rinse with clean water and vacuum so that the soiling is completely removed.

4. Let the surface dry.

  • Powerful cleaner for entire interior
  • Does not leave a white residue after drying
  • > 95% biodegradable
  • Fresh scent
  • Post-treat the cleaned plastic parts for a nice and even ‘finish’ with a Cartec Cleaning Gun (3119/01) filled with clean water. Run immediately after with a clean cloth and then blow dry with air.
  • Car mats are easily cleaned with a Cartec Cleaning Gun (3119/01) filled with Cartec Interior Cleaner.
  • For steering wheels and hard-to-reach spots, use the Cartec detailing brush (3039/10).

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