Cleaning & Maintenance

Wheel Cleaner

Acid-free cleaner quickly removes stubborn brake dust from wheels.

The acid-free Wheel Cleaner is the best product to use for thorough cleaning of the rims & wheels. Stubborn brake dust from steel and aluminum wheels is quickly removed due to the strong cleaning power.

2 min

1. Spray the tyres and rims with Cartec Wheel Cleaner using a pressure pump or sprayer.

2. Allow the product to dwell for 1-2 minutes, depending onthe degree of soiling. Then thoroughly clean the rims and tyres with a high-pressure sprayer.

3. Check that all contamination has been removed. If not, repeat the treatment and treat the tyres with the Cartec Dynamic Tyre Brush (3038/02) and the rims with the Wheelsan brush (3039/4).

Warning: Use only in open air or well-ventilated area. Do not use in full sunlight. Do not use on hot or warm rims. Do not allow product to dry on stainless steel/aluminium. Always check the product in an inconspicuous place before use to avoid possible damage. Do not use on diamond cut alloy wheels, use Cartec Iron Wash (1804) instead.

  • Strong cleaning power
  • Acid-free product
  • Effortlessly removes stubborn brake dust
  • Removes street dirt at the same time
  • Works without brushing when high pressure cleaning
  • Viscous product allowing longer penetration time

• Use Cartec Iron Wash (1804) for very sensitive rims.

• Treat the tyres afterwards with Cartec Vinyl (1105) for a clean finish on the tyres.

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