Cleaning & Maintenance

Textile Protector

Protects textiles and leather from dirt and stains, restores water repellency.

Cartec Textile Protector can be applied to all textiles and leathers. It protects against water-, grease- and oil-based dirt. Cartec Textile Protector revives the finished surface and restores the water-repellent property of textiles.

Up to 9 months

When used on textiles:

  1. Pre-clean the textile with Cartec Textile Cleaner (1204) or Cartec Interior Cleaner (1205) and allow textile to dry before applying Cartec Textile Protector.
  2. Spray the textile with 1 thick layer with Cartec Textile Protector. Make sure the surface is completely wetted. Avoid the formation of drops.
  3. Allow the treated surface to dry for 2 to 3 hours.

When used on leather:

  1. Pre-clean the leather with Cartec Interior Cleaner (1205) and allow the leather to dry.
  2. Spray Cartec Textile Protector on the application sponge (3211/1) and apply in 3 coats. Give the product a drying time of 30 minutes per coat.
  • Cartec Textile Protector is applicable to almost all textiles and leathers
  • The product gives a nice finish and does not make the surface slippery
  • The product does not contain silicones
  • Cartec Textile Protector ensures that the surface continues to breathe. This makes it very suitable for protecting leather

Technical Datasheet

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  • Can be used on boat and caravan upholstery.
  • Suitable for protecting furniture, curtains, table linen and lampshades.
  • Also suitable for garden furniture and awnings.