Cleaning & Maintenance

Touch & Go

Premium interior detail spray, cleans and revitalizes screens, plastic, and leather.

Cartec Touch & Go is a premium detail spray designed for the modern interior of vehicles. This product is highly effective for maintaining and cleaning various surfaces, including (touch) screens, plastic, leather, as well as decorative piano black, wood and aluminum trim.

  1. Apply Cartec Touch & Go undiluted to the surface using a clean Cartec microfibre cloth grey (3317/51). Buff the product directly in a circular motion.
  2. Remove excess product and use a separate clean Cartec microfiber towel glass/velvet top silk (3317/17) to achieve a high gloss finish on (touch) screens.
  • Suitable for both plastic and screens
  • Quick application: Spray on and wipe off
  • Cleans and revitalizes plastic and leather, while providing a matt and non-greasy finish
  • Can be applied to the steering wheel, removing gloss and providing enhanced grip
  • Easily removes fingerprints from touchscreens
  • Restores shine to touchscreens, delivering a seamless “easy swipe” experience
  • Also suitable for interior components made of wood, metal, or aluminum

Technical Datasheet

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  • Always work with a clean cloth.
  • To prevent scratches, start by dusting or using compressed air to clean (touch) screens before treatment.
  • For refreshing and matting leather seats, etc., achieve excellent results by using the Cartec Interior Brush (3038/01) in combination with Cartec Touch & Go.
  • For steering wheels and hard-to-reach areas, consider using the Cartec Detailing Brush (3039/10).
  • Use Cartec Interior Cleaner (1205) when the surface is heavily soiled.


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