Cleaning & Maintenance

Vinyl Fresh

Restores plastic, bumpers, and tires with silky matte finish and good protection.

Vinyl Fresh has been developed as a finishing touch when treating plastic parts, bumpers and tyres of vehicles. The special formula gives these materials a silk-matt and original look. It also protects against weathering. It can also be used to maintain door rubbers. Especially against freezing in winter. Vinyl is also available in a silicone-free version.

1 min.
Up to 3 months

Apply Vinyl Fresh using the special vinyl sponge to the parts to be treated, such as plastic strips, bumpers and tyres. Allow to soak in for a moment and then rub with the slightly dried sponge or the back of the sponge.

On very absorbent surfaces, the treatment can be repeated for an even better result.

Always check the product before use in an inconspicuous place to prevent possible damage. Make sure the area is well ventilated. Shake Vinyl well before use.

  • Immediately visible result
  • Restores the original look of plastic
  • Dries evenly and is not greasy
  • Tyres like new
  • Good protection
  • Silky matt result.

Technical Datasheet

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  • Use a separate sponge for the tyres.
  • Use the tip of the sponge for small areas or cut the sponge in half.
  • For car tyres, the product can also be sprayed with a sprayer or pressure pump.