Cleaning & Maintenance

Wax Polish

High-quality wax for long-lasting protection and glossy finish.

Cartec Express Wax Polish is a high quality wax, giving a long lasting protection. Cartec Wax Polish contains silicones, but these do not cause problems at body shops. Cartec Wax Polish is used on clean paintwork to remove small scratches and to leave a glossy finish and protection.

2 min.
Up to 3 months
  1. Shake well before use. Apply Wax Polish to the paint surface with a clean, soft cloth (such as 3317/51) or an application sponge (3211/4) in a circular motion.
  2. Do not buff the product directly, but allow the film layer to dry for a while.
  3. Buff to high gloss with a soft, clean cloth (such as 3317/51). This is best done by starting with small circular motion and increasing the circle.
  • No chalk or dust residue for a clean finish
  • Provides an outstanding glossy shine
  • Effortless application and removal

Technical Datasheet

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  • Always use a clean cloth to avoid scratching the paintwork.
  • Cartec Wax Polish can also be applied with a polisher. In that case, always process the product at a low speed.