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Wet Coat

Hydrophobic spray coating for deep gloss and extreme water beading.

Wet Coat is a hydrophobic spray coating that is applied to a wet car. The product gives the paint a very deep shine and provides extreme water beading. By applying the product to a wet car, the Wet Coat will spread well and can adhere to the paint. When rinsed off, it creates a very good protective layer, extra deep gloss and a strong water repellent effect.

1 min.

Clean the car with Pre Wash and then rinse the car well with a high-pressure cleaner. Then wash the whole car with Neutral Wash Shampoo. Rinse the shampoo well with clean water.

Then spray the Wet Coat evenly on the wet car. Immediately after applying Wet Coat, carefully rinse the entire car with a pressure washer or a strong water jet. Make sure that no residue of Wet Coat remains on the car. The car will be extremely beaded and is now protected. Use a chamois or drying towel to remove any remaining water drops.


• Quick to apply by spray on / rinse off

• Fast conversion from sheeting to beading by rinsing with water

• Very good and long-lasting protection

• Droplets have extremely high contact angle

• Very high gloss result

• Highly resistant to acid and alkaline chemicals

• Works well on paintwork, vinyl, ppf film and rims

• Self-cleaning effect due to “hydrophobic roller booster” properties

• Very good and long-lasting protection for up to three months


Wet Coat must not be allowed to dry after application. Never use Wet Coat in full sun or in a warm environment. If necessary, apply Wet Coat section by section in warm conditions. Always rinse Wet Coat off immediately after application to avoid staining.