Cleaning & Maintenance

Wet & Protect

Hydrophobic spray coating for deep gloss and extreme water beading.

Cartec Wet & Protect is a “spray & rinse” coating that adheres strongly to the surface after the car has been washed and rinsed. By applying the product to the wet car, Cartec Wet & Protect will spread well and can adhere to the paintwork. After rinsing, a very good protective coating, extra deep gloss and a strong water-repellent effect is created which is immediately visible.

200/250ml per car
1 min.
Up to 3 months

Required pre-treatment:

  1. Clean the car with Cartec Twister Comfort (1407) and then rinse the car well with a pressure washer.
  2. Then wash the whole car with Cartec Cherry Wash (1208). Rinse the shampoo off with clean water.


  1. Spray the bodywork (and clean rims if desired) from bottom to top with Cartec Wet & Protect. The product can be applied with a sprayer, a pressure pump or a foam lance. Dilute Wet & Protect 1:1 if a pressure pump is used, so that in the end 200-250 ml of pure product gets on the car. Make sure to touch all parts. Do not let the product dry on the surface.
  2. Then remove the Cartec Wet & Protect with a pressure washer. Rinse thoroughly again to further activate de product.
  3. Dry the surface with a Cartec Aqua Drying Towel XL (3317/50) or a chamois (3009/02) to prevent staining.
  • Quick to apply spraycoating
  • Makes surfaces water-repellent in a very short time
  • Gives extremely high contact angle to water and raindrops
  • Leaves a protective film on the treated surface
  • Highly resistant to acid and alkaline chemicals
  • Works well on paintwork, vinyl, PPF and rims

Technical Datasheet

Request the MSDS at

  • To avoid staining, always rinse Wet & Protect immediately after application and do not let the product dry on the surface.
  •  Never use Cartec Wet & Protect in full sunlight or in a hot environment.
  • If necessary, apply Cartec Wet & Protect section by section in hot conditions.
  • Cartec Wet & Protect contains silicone. When using the Cartec foam lance (3117/60), set it on position 2,5. (This for optimal consumption 200-250ml/ car at high-pressure cleaner consumption 11 liter/per minute).
  • Using a pre-cleaner other than Cartec Twister Comfort may result in a negative effect on the final result.