Cleaning & Maintenance

Glass Cleaner XL

Quick and effective cleaning of dirt and streaks on car windows.

Cartec Glass Cleaner XL is the ideal product for quick and effective cleaning of dirt, stains and streaks on car windows. Cartec Glass Cleaner XL is low foaming and has a very good wetting which means the product spreads well on the glass and does not leave streaks or residues.

  1. Spray Cartec Glass Cleaner XL directly on the dirty window. Spray one or more sprays per window depending on the pollution and the presence of insects.
  2. Clean the window thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth, such as the Microfiber towel Mini Glass (40×40) (3317/12) or the Maxi Glass (55×63) (3317/8).
  3. Buff the glass surface to a high gloss with the Microfibre Cloth Glass/Fluff Top Silk (3317/17).
  • Strong cleaning power
  • Low foaming
  • Very good wetting resulting in a better spreading on glass
  • Does not leave streaks or residues
  • Has an optimal drying time
  • Does not leave spots on dashboard or plastic parts
  • Gives a nice gloss on the car window
  • Smooth application when processed with microfibre cloth

Technical Datasheet

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  • Make sure to always use a clean microfibre cloth to avoid damaging the glass surface.
  • Do you prefer to work with paper? Then grab 2 sheets of paper. Use one sheet for cleaning and the other (dry) sheet for buffing to a high gloss.
  • For removing (toll) vignettes or stickers, first use the Cartec extending knife (3023/5).

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