CARTEC TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING! We offer you, in addition to high-quality cleaning and maintenance products, a full range of polishing machines, polishing sponges, cleaning cloths, scraping knives, mixing systems and everything you need to achieve maximum results in your business.

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Car Care

Cartec BV offers an extensive range of Car Care products. You will find all sorts of products to clean, maintain and detail the interior and exterior of cars.

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A specially developed line of high quality car wash products which ensure optimal results. The products are characterized by a powerful cleaning, extreme good drying results, a huge deep gloss and long protection. Besides of that the products are environment friendly, highly concentrated and contain a pleasant smell. The Ultimate Carwash Experience!

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Refinish Line

The Refinish Line offers a complete system of compound and polish that ensures a hologram-free result and a deep gloss in just 2 steps. Specially selected products such as polishing sponges and storage systems increase the ease of use and speed of the task in hand.

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WaxGuard is a unique paint protection for your car with an extended warranty. WaxGuard offers a visibly higher and deeper gloss to the paint on your car. Besides adding gloss, WaxGuard protects the paint against traffic film and dirt associated with extreme weather conditions.

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